Heating Services in Toronto

We offer a variety of heating services including furnace, heat pump, radiator, boiler installation, repair and maintenance. El-Air Heating and Cooling will install quality heating equipment from trusted manufacturers.

Choosing the right heating solutions for your house

We work with our customers to builD custom heating solutions that are appropriate for your home or business. Our heating installation specialists will advise you of the best solution based on size, location, insulation, weather, and budget. We know that our heating solutions can make a dramatic difference in the comfort of your home and will bring you substantial savings down the line.


El-Air Heating and Cooling offers furnace service, maintenance and installation. Studies show that approximately 80% of furnace installations are done incorrectly. An improper installation will lead to additional repair and maintenance costs down the road. This is why it is important to hire a company like El-Air, whose employees are government-licensed gas, and air conditioning technicians.

Our company believes in the value of yearly preventative maintenance, which is guaranteed to expand the life of your furnace system. It is recommended that your furnace service be done between fall and winter before heavy winter usage.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great solution that has increased in popularity year over year. There are multiple benefits to installing a heat pump including high energy efficiency, convenience, cost effectiveness and even environmental benefits.  it is important to note heat pumps are a great idea for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. They circulate the air in your room and the filters purify the air by removing dust, mold spores, odours, smoke and other particles.

Boilers & Radiators

Heating through hydronics provides healthier and more uniform heat distribution throughout your home. No airborne dust particles and no difference in temperatures from level to level. Therefore true home comfort can exist with a properly installed and maintained hydronic system. We carry nothing but the best hydronic equipment. We also balance existing hydronic systems by utilizing radiator valves to regulate water flow. Our technicians are well trained in this method of heating.

Hot Water Tanks

We also install, service and repair tankless water heaters. While these are not the best option for all homes, our specialists will be able to tell you if your home could benefit from one.